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My plant based blog, where I plan to share my thoughts, favourite recipes, review new or requested products and encourage health and well being through a positive platform.

My plant based journey so far..

I began my plant based diet around 5 years ago, initially cutting out meat products and as of a year and a half ago also cutting out all dairy. I wasn’t the biggest meat eater to begin with so taking that out of my diet didn’t prove to be too difficult, dairy was definitely the more challenging of the two.. I loved cheese. Being further into my journey and knowing what I do now, I enjoy such a varied diet with lots of health benefits such as little bloating, lots more energy and a general better wellbeing.🌱

My skincare journey

Where to start… from the age of about 15 my skin began breaking out, mainly on my forehead with occasional spots on my cheeks, it didn’t phase me too much and wasn’t anything some good old dream matte mousse couldn’t cover. I don’t recall my skin being really bad until I was about 18, I was then breaking out quite severely on my cheeks, forehead and sometimes chin, my whole face was practically covered. I tried lots of different skin care routines and products, but none seemed to make much difference to my deteriorating skin, as a result of this I decided to bite the bullet and go to the doctors. It was quite a quick process, after my first appointment, I was prescribed some tablets and to begin with, I did see some improvement in my skin. However 3 months down the line and I was back to square one, my skin was breaking out more than ever and the original medication seemed no longer effective.

I was referred to a dermatologist who gave me lots of different options with medications and approaches we could take, almost straight away, she suggested accutane, but after doing some research I chose to go with a different medication, she explained that it would take longer to see improvement but had many less side effects in comparison. Over the next 18 months we must have tried 2 or 3 different courses of tablets and at least 2 different gels, but neither helped my skin. In fact, they made it a lot worse, at some points I was even left with burn like marks and scabs randomly across my face.

Almost 2 years later (last November) she again suggested accutane and feeling as though it was a last resort I agreed and we soon started treatment. I noticed improvements almost instantly and was lucky in that I did not have the initial ‘purge’ that some do, I had monthly check ups and with each my skin was getting better and better. I stopped using make up completely as I didn’t feel as though I needed it any longer, I was getting so many compliments on my skin and felt so much better about my appearance. My course of accutane started on the 20th of Novemeber and I finished it on the 3rd of April, in just over 4 months my skin had done a complete 180 and I only suffered some minor common side effects; dry lips and achy joints but both were manageable. Almost 2 months post accutane I’m still so impressed with the results and, touch wood… my spots have not come back! Now, I know that accutane is a very controversial medication, it can have many side effects and does affect each person differently, my advice would be to do your research, make sure you completely understand what you’re getting yourself into before opting for it, you may find alternate treatments that prove effective without having to go onto accutane!

Over the years I tried and tested so many different products, face washes, moisturizers, the lot! My current skincare routine is what I have swore by for the last year or so and it’s done wonders so far. I will include my routine and products I use below:

Each morning I wash my face with hot water and a flannel, I then pat my face dry and apply the body shops ‘drops of youth’ moisturiser all over.

In the evening I use Avene ‘cleansing gel’ to wash my face, then again pat it dry and apply the same moisturiser.

Now, heres where it gets in depth: Wednesdays and Sundays are exfoliating and face mask nights. I start with the Avene cleansing gel to wash my face, then once my face is completely dry I use the body shop ‘drops of light resurfacing liquid peel’ to exfoliate and really clean out my pores. After washing this off I alternate between two L’oreal face masks ‘pure clay purity mask’ and ‘pure clay blemish rescue’. After about 15 minutes I wash this off, pat my face dry and finish with the go to ‘drops of youth moisturiser’.

With the ‘youth bouncy sleep mask’ I don’t actually love it, I found it to be too heavy on my skin and it takes forever to dry, leaving me with all sorts stuck to my face. Since i have already bought it and to not be wasteful, I just use it as a lip moisturizer each morning and evening though once it’s finished I won’t re purchase. All body shop products mentioned are also 3 for 2 so not as expensive as they may first appear.

Wherever you are in your skin journey, be confident, your skin does not define you at all. In hindsight, I let how my skin looked effect my mindset way too much, it’s a challenge that almost all of us face and nothing to be embarrassed about❤️

Keeping well during lockdown

Lockdown has been a testing time for us all, rewind 3 months and no one would have anticipated that we would be at home, socially distancing and unable to be near friends and loved ones. Out of routine and confined to your house, I know that I initially felt slightly anxious, unmotivated and lonely, but found it was important to keep busy and productive.

I personally find I am happier when organised, during lockdown following a routine and writing myself ‘to do’ lists have been effective in keeping me busy and also giving me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Sometimes these lists only consist of minuscule tasks as ‘hoover the stairs’ or ‘do 2 wash loads’ but knowing I’ve set and then completed them leaves me feeling as though I’m still using my time effectively.

Try not to feel alone! Not being able to visit or spend time with the ones we love most can be hard but it is important to stay in contact with them, whether this be by text, email or video chat, I’m sure they’ll be glad for your call. Be sure to share your thoughts or worries with those around you, after all; a problem shared is a problem halved.

Self care is important always but now more than ever, there’s also no excuse of not having time! Whether this means eating well, getting some exercise in during the week or having a candle lit bath with a face mask on, look after yourself and listen to your body!

Use this opportunity to do things you wouldn’t be able to usually, some gardening, DIY or just family bonding time. Lockdown will not be forever and not long from now the world will resume normality, appreciate this time because you never know, once we’re back to work and living our busy lives, you may just wish for the peace and quiet of your own home. Stay well and stay safe x

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